The G3 is a 7.62mm assault rifle manufactured by Heckler and Koch. A well known battle-rifle, similar in capability to the AK-47, the G3 is widley used by many nations.


Multiplayer weapon stats, available as primary weapon to the Commando class.

In Far Cry 2, the G3 is one of the first weapons the player can encouter, and the first Assault rifle obtainable. damage is average, with it being a good starting weapon. the gun appears on enemy goons frequently until about the middle of Act 1, when it is 'phased out' in favor of the FAL. The G3 can withstand a fair amount of firing before failure, making it a suitable weapon for players until Act 1. in Act 2, it can still be used to effect, but it's lower damage will be evident in later stages.