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Æon's Far Cry 2 FAQ

v2.0050 Q&As — 10/14/2010 2:01:12 AM
for the PC version of Far Cry 2.
Edited by Æon (C) 2010


FC2 Loadscreen 45
This FAQ is intended for the fans who have enjoyed, played and finished the Far Cry 2 game, at least once, and are wondering about what they may have missed. In short, the FAQ is written for those that want to get more out of the game!
Note: I am assuming you know how the game works more or less, i.e. you learned the basics from playing the game.
The FAQ makes use of the Far Cry 2 Wiki, highlighting things of note, plus adding many gameplay tips. Should you miss specific details, feel free to check with the wiki.


Here you will find a compact summary of how the Far Cry 2 first person shooter / exploration game works:

Continuous Game World

  • Far Cry 2 differs from its predecessor Far Cry and many other first person shooters like Quake 4 or Unreal II in several points. Most importantly due to the huge (ca. 2x3x3 km²) continuous gaming world.
  • Even though the world is continuous for the most part it is partitioned in several ways. The player starts in the so-called Northern District (Leboa-Sako) that is 3x3 km², a 1x1 km² desert area connects it with the 3x3 km² large Southern District (Bowa Seko). The latter is only accessible later in the game. The whole game world is framed by a 1 km wide desert that can not be explored, so in theory the world is 5x10 km² large, though only 19 km² are accessible.
  • This continues area is further 'partitioned' into Zones of 1x1 km². Primarily for the convenience of the hand-held map system. But Zones have a few special implications in the game: Diamond Cases are spread out on a per Zone basis, leaving a map Zone will respawn any previously killed enemies, e.g. at Guard Posts, when you return. Basically these Zone boundaries control (in part) the respawning of items in that Zone, e.g. Health Stations replenish, Paragliders return to their starting point.
  • Anything you see in the map, except for the boundary desert areas, can be walked, driven or flown to, even crossing water. The usual view distance rarely exceeds 1 km though.

General Gameplay

  • The focus in Far Cry 2 is on exploration of the huge world, set in a fictional east African landscape with jungles, swamps, deserts and savannas. Since this is a first person shooter, expect much quite violent enemy contact from human-looking mercenary AI. The few animals in the game are peaceful.
  • Thrown into a impending civil war between two militant factions, the APR Icon APR, and the UFLL Icon UFLL), you are supposed to hunt down and kill a ruthless arms dealer, called the Jackal, who is supplying weapons to both sides. To make things even more precarious your avatar is suffering from malaria, and needs to find appropriate medicine from time to time. Basically you take on various missions from the factions, always trying to track down the elusive Jackal.
FC2 Loadscreen 70

Out in the African savanna.

  • You start off in the Northern District. After completing several story relevant main missions (Icon APR active, Icon UFLL) the Southern District becomes available in Act 2.
  • To survive the massive onslaught of enemies, you will need weapons. Though you can pick up weapons from dead AI, these will rust and quickly break down. So you will want to visit your local arms dealer's Weapon Shop (Icon Weapon Shop) to buy some brand new ones. The number of weapons are limited at the beginning of the game, but if you do a few 'convoy missions' (Icon Weapon Shop active) for the arms dealer, new weapons will become available.
  • As you may have guessed all this does not come for free, you nead hard-earned Diamonds (Icon Diamond Currency), the only accepted currency in the game, to buy weapons or Upgrades. To earn these you can either explore the game world with your GPS tracker to locate Diamond Cases or simply play a few main missions for the factions, since the latter pay quiet well. Or complete the assassination missions you get via cell phone, by 'hacking' into cellular antennas (Icon Cell Tower active).
  • The world provides several means of transport, needed to get around in such a large game world: Any vehicle (cars, jeeps Icon Vehicle, trucks, boats, paragliders Icon Paraglider), can simply be used. Some shooting may be involved first, to convince the enemies that you need this means of transport more urgently, though. Interestingly walking and sprinting are also relatively good options to explore the world. To get from one end of the world to the other, a system of bus stations (Icon Bus) is very useful.
  • To add a bit of spice to the game, the player will encounter so-called Buddies, that provide additional personal (unpayed for) missions. They also suggest alternate solutions to faction-based main missions. Accepting such alternate missions, will yield Safe House upgrades. The buddies play an interesting part in the story.
  • As an incentive to explore the world, special items are 'hidden' in the world. The already mentioned Diamond Cases (Icon Diamond), but also the GPS-trackable so-called Jackal Tapes (Icon Jackal Tape). Even Golden AK-47s (Icon Golden AK-47) can be discovered. On the fun side Paragliders (Icon Paraglider) have been placed at high locations in the world.
  • To keep the player on his toes, so-called Guard Posts (Icon Guard Post locked) can be scouted, they feature ammo, explosives, fuel and health, and so-called Safe Houses (Icon Safe House locked) can be unlocked where the player can rest, and meet up with second-best Buddies.
  • The game also sports extensive statistics, like distances walked, swum, and driven, number of places scouted, or unlocked, etc. There are no achievements in the PC version of the game.

Damage, Death, Repairs

FC2 Loadscreen 46

Stranded train in the desert of the Northern District.

  • The player is quite vulnerable to various threats: Enemy AI shooting at you, dropping from a two-story building, crashing with a paraglider, getting blown up in a vehicle, drowning, (possibly even dying from lack of Malaria pills?)... basically anything that would kill a human in the real world, is also problematic in the game.
  • Your second-best buddy can often save you from almost deadly situations, but not always.
  • Before you run out of health, be sure to use a syrette (Icon Seringe), found in the various Health Stations (Icon Health).
  • When you die, the game is over, so hopefully you have recently saved the game to continue from that previous game state.
  • Not only you can take damage, all vehicles you are 'driving' can also get damaged by enemy fire, crippling the engine. But fear not, your Avatar is a skilled mechanic, and can repair the motor. Repair them more quickly by buying the appropriate repair manual.
  • As is typical for most games, the player character needs neither food, water, nor sleep.


  • Since this is not an RPG, there is not much trade in the game, basically you can only buy weapons and upgrades from the Weapon Shops (Icon Weapon Shop).

Inventory, Items, Respawn

  • Your inventory is also very limited, a primary, secondary, special weapon, plus grenades, machete, and syrettes is all the player can carry. If you want to use a different primary weapon e.g. you will have to drop the one currently in hand.
  • There is surprisingly little you can actually pick up and collect, other than weapons, ammo, health, and diamonds. And you can interact with only a few things in the world: drive vehicles, climb ladders, open/close doors, repair vehicles, accept missions, talk to a few humans (your buddies mostly), and use mounted weapons. Well you can set the savanna on fire if you like.
  • Most things you can interact with in Far Cry 2 will endlessly respawn. E.g. a 'pacified' and scouted Guard Post will respawn the AI after some time, replenishing the e.g. Health Stations (Icon Health) and Ammo Piles (Icon Ammo Pile) as well. This is also true for vehicles in the game.

Levelling Up

  • There is no levelling up via XP by e.g. completing missions. To progress in the story you have to take on and complete faction missions. After several missions, something 'big' will happen in the world, opening up new mission opportunities.
  • You can improve your weapon arsenal by taking on arms dealer 'convoy missions' (Icon Weapon Shop active), and Upgrades will improve weapon reliability, precision, and the amount of ammo you can carry. But there is no actual character building.


  • The world of Far Cry 2 features a quite stunning day-night cycle. Taking on missions at night can help overcome the less vigilant AI.
  • Note that you can 'set' your preferred time of day, by visiting a Safe House (Icon Safe House) and sleeping a few hours (Icon Watch). Sleep regenerates health by the way.
  • The in-game day lasts several real-world hours, and is quite long for a game. The day-night cycle is thus accelerated by a factor of xx. ***Any info on the exact number?


  • Comment: To 'complete' the whole game, find all buddies, play all main, side and buddy missions, collect all Diamond Cases, scout all Guard Posts, and unlock all Safe Houses, took me 76 hours. This includes several hours exploration for 'fun', trying to find the diamond cases, just to give you an idea. (AEon)
FC2 Loadscreen 60

Foggy day at the Rail Xing bridge in the Southern District.


  • Far Cry 2 also features a weather system: Sunny days, fog, rain, even strong wind. The latter has influence on the direction fire propagates. Bad visibility in heavy rain e.g. will provide slightly more 'cover' from the AI.
  • Water, e.g. under waterfalls, seems to corrode your weapons more quickly.

The AI

  • The AI is relatively clever, in the way the mercenaries work as a team against you. Outflanking manoeuvres are common, and the AI will be aware from where a shot, e.g. with a really loud sniper rifle, was fired. A silenced weapon on the other hand, or a player that ducks in tall grass will be much less noticeable to the AI.
  • The mercs will use the same weapons the player has access to, some of them equipped with a sniper rifle or rocket launcher can be quite tenacious.


  • Far Cry 2 does *not* automatically save changes in the game world, e.g. after unlocking a Safe House. You have to *manually* save the game. (Very few autosaves may exit, did not notice those though.)
  • Luckily the PC version of the game lets you save at any time, even in the middle of a battle against the AI, via F5-key. Make extensive use of this feature!
  • Comment: During my first game run, Far Cry 2 crashed a total of about 60 times (about every 70 minutes, a DirectX 10 related bug apparently), though luckily it never corrupted the save states. (AEon)

General Gameplay & Tips

Far Cry 2 gameplay Goals?

There are quite a few things you can/will want to achieve when playing the game:
  • Uncover the story behind the Jackal.
  • Play and overcome all main faction missions (you have no choice here, if you want to finish the game). (Icon APR active, Icon UFLL active)
FC2 Loadscreen 27

One of the many waterfalls in the game.

  • Play the best buddy suggested alternate main faction missions as well.
  • Help your Buddies and play all the buddy missions (Icon Mike Place active).
  • Perform all the assassination missions you receive via cell phone (Icon Cell Tower active, Icon Phone).
  • Play the Underground missions to get malaria medicine (Icon Underground active, Icon Pills).
  • Find all Diamond Cases, and earn a pretty penny (Icon Diamond Currency).
  • Find all Jackal Tapes and bring them to the journalist Reuben Oluwagembi (Icon Jackal Tape).
  • Find all Golden AK-47s (Icon Golden AK-47).
  • Unlock all Safe Houses (Icon Safe House locked).
  • Scout all the Guard Posts (Icon Guard Post locked).
  • Buy all 'good' weapons.
  • Upgrade as much as possible.
  • Explore the beautiful world of Far Cry 2 for vistas.
  • Have fun!

How to run faster?

The player can not only walk but also sprint by pressing the appropriate key. Additionally it is possible to slide when sprinting. The latter can be quite quick, and help flee for cover.
If the above is not fast enough, you will have to 'board' a vehicle, and drive or fly.
Note: Swimming in the many rivers and lakes is actually quite fast.

Climbing tips?

Running up steep slopes is often all the climbing you will be doing, but there are a few other tricks to scale higher up:
FC2 Loadscreen 35

Many interesting rock formations allow for some 'climbing'.

  • If running does not not work try to get up short ramps (steeper parts in a rock face) by taking a running start, i.e. sprint.
  • Note that sprint jumps will let you cover much further distances, e.g. to get at a diamond case on a bus roof, jumping from a rock. A normal jump will not cover enough distance.
  • Once you have reached a certain height with a sprint jump, keep holding the sprint and the forwards keys. With the strafe keys you can then often keep the height but move 'around' the slope to get to an area otherwise not directly accessible, but on the same height.
Tip: Some rock plateaus can not be climbed, try to get there via Paraglider instead.
Tip: If you want to get down steep cliffs or slopes, never run or sprint or jump, try to slowly slide down (this is not the game's sprint slide).

Endless enemies?

In general all enemy AI will respawn after some time. But camps and guard posts etc. only have a limited number of mercenaries. After you have cleaned up, you will have some peace.
There are a few situations in the game where the AI does respawn endlessly, and no level of skill can 'pacify' the situation:
  • Whenever the cease fire is broken in the large towns, and you have to escape (loose) your enemies.
  • At the end of Act 1, either trying to help your buddies at Mike's bar or helping the priest at the church in Pala.

Replenish Health?

Other than using the syrettes from Health Stations (Icon Health) to up your health values, you can also drink from water bottles, found at many camps and Guard Posts.

Finding 'loot' via GPS?

The only 'loot' you will be able to track down via GPS are either the Diamond Cases (Icon Diamond) or the Jackal Tapes (Icon Jackal Tape).
  • There is no way around keeping the hand-help map in your hands all the time. Even though you probably look like a dork when you do that exploring the towns.
  • Also, alas, there is almost no way to avoid systematically exploring each Zone in a 'stripe pattern', to be sure you do not miss anything.
  • Note that in the top left of Zone maps there is a blue number on a black square. It tells you the total number of Diamond Cases in this Zone.
  • Personally I did most of my exploration on foot, but when looking into the desert regions driving a vehicle will be a lot more effective.
  • When the map is in 'Zone mode' (1x1km² detail level), the user's location marker (a green arrow) actually defines the distance the GPS works. The radius you can scan when walking or driving is approximately 40 metres (a 80m wide corridor).
  • Narrow rivers or canyon paths can thus be scanned completely if you stick to the middle of the path.
  • The green GPS light will blink when it detects something, and once you are facing the correct direction the light will glow permanently. This helps locate e.g. the diamond cases, to see if they are behind a wall or on some rock ledge or even in water.
  • But since the detection radius is limited, it *really* helps to keep your eyes open for anything unusual further away. Things you should always look out for:
    • Anything marked with black dots/rectangles on the map.
    • Any hut, or shelter.
    • The rising smoke of a camp fire, especially visible at night.
    • Any vehicle wrecks, e.g. of cars or buses.
    • Straw-covered flat holes in the ground (need to be blown up).
    • Also paragliders stuck in trees or crashed planes and helicopters.
    • Unusual rock formations, e.g. openings in rock formations that can be made out on the map.
    • Narrow connecting canyons, basically any path that takes a bit of extra effort to explore.
    • The areas around lakes.
  • Whenever you see the GPS blink try to collect the item emmediately, you may otherwise forget it.
  • There are at least three rock plateaus in the game that can not be accessed by jumping or climbing. You *have* to use a Paraglider (Icon Paraglider) to get there. So look out for those nearby.
  • In some Zones it is not enough to traverse all the land, you should also travel all the rivers and lakes by Swamp Boat. Be sure to also inspect islands.
  • Diamond Cases are spread out quite regularly in each Zone, so if you suspect an empty area in the map, you will usually be right that a diamond can be found here.

Difficulty beating the AI?

The enemy AI in form of mercenaries can be quite tough to beat at times, here some tips:
  • The most obvious thing to do, if you have trouble with first person shooters, is to lower the difficulty level when you start a new game.
  • In the course of the game the mercs will upgrade their weapon arsenal, from simple pistols and guns to really dangerous sniper rifles and rocket launchers. To have a chance against them you will have to take on 'convoy missions' from Weapon Shop owners (Icon Weapon Shop active). These missions make more powerful weapons available for purchase. Hopefully you have enough diamonds (Icon Diamond Currency) to pay for them.
  • Since you can only carry one Primary Weapon, one Secondary Weapon, and one Special Weapon be sure to balance them out. Carrying low-ammo grenade / rocket launching weapons *only* will not be good.
  • I recommend one sniper rifle for long-distance kills, a grenade launcher for closer range mayhem, and a machine gun with much ammo for close range fighting. (AEon)
  • Especially later in the game the mercs will start to wear protective armour, so aiming for their torsoes is less effective. For maximum impact, as brutal as it may sound, it is best to aim for the head.
  • You can always carry grenades and Molotov cocktails. Do not underestimate their use. Often one or two well thrown grenades can significantly decimate your enemy, especially in those difficult situations.
  • To either distract or 'soften up' (Don't you just those love dubious military terms?) mercs you can also make use of fire. Use Molotov cocktails, a Flare Pistol or grenade and rocket launchers for this. Pay attention to the direction the wind is blowing, since it defines the direction the fire will spread.
  • If you try to overcome mercs — guns-a-blazing — and keep dying, you may want to change your tactics. The more stealthy approach usually works very well, and is a lot less risky. Take out as many enemies with a sniper rifle as possible, then and only then approach the target area, and take out the rest, possibly with a silenced weapon.
  • Meet up with your second-best Buddy in the Safe Houses (Icon Safe House), and when asked, tell him/her to help you out in a dire situation. The next time you die he/she will come to your rescue and even help you fight. After each rescue you have to ask again, though. Note that your buddy is in danger as well, when saving you, and can die.
  • Buying the Camouflage Upgrade at the Weapon Shop (Icon Weapon Shop) also helps, since it makes the player less noticeable by the AI. Crouching also slightly helps.
  • When quickly trying to pass a Guard Post with a vehicle, it helps to remove some potential danger by running over some of the guards, especially those (the drivers) near parked vehicles.
  • Also try to pay close attention to various audio cues. Listen to what the mercenaries say. Enemies nearby will make sounds when moving, this can help avoid getting ambushed.
  • You can actually flee enemies when you take the bus at a bus stop (Icon Bus) quickly enough, i.e. you click on the bus map.

The Vehicles in Far Cry 2?

The vehicles in the game are interesting a several ways:
  • Their damage model is quite limited, but a shot-up engine will run less smoothly or even stop. Further damage will then actually blow up the vehicle.
  • They do not have a gear box, thus work with an automatic transmission.
  • The vehicles can be upgraded. This reduces the repair time by 50% and also reduces the degradation by 50%. Cost 10-15 Icon Diamond Currency.
  • Note that the engine of the vehicle needs to be accessible from the front, to allow a repair Icon Wrench. You may need to move a vehicle too close to a wall for this.
FC2 Loadscreen 48

Guard Posts often 'provide' one or more Assault Trucks.

  • These are the vehicles in Far Cry 2:
    • Assault Truck — Very useful to fend off enemy vehicles using the on-board machine gun.
    • Buggy — This off-road vehicle is more nimble in rough terrain.
    • Swamp Boat — The fast way to travel on water, also features a mounted weapon.
    • Fishing Boat — Slower, possibly a bit tougher, provides a more scenic ride across lakes. Also features a mounted gun.
    • Jeep Liberty — Closed vehicle protects the player slightly better from bullets, but the lack of mounted gun is problematic.
    • Jeep Wrangler — Another closed vehicle that protects the player somewhat from bullets, but the lack of mounted gun is a handicap.
    • Big Truck — Slow but tough vehicle, letting you ram other vehicles.
    • Car — The run of the mill vehicle in the game. Can not take much damage, but is quicker than having to sprint.
    • Paraglider — Only air vehicle, silent and fun, makes quite scenic flights possible, disallows the use of weapons, map, or GPS though.
  • When exploring the world on foot you may want to 'catch' a ride at times. In Red Faction Guerrilla this was solved by rebel AI simply driving up to the player, offering him the ride. In Far Cry 2 you will need to hijack one from Guard Posts, attack a mobile patrol, or visit a Safe House (Icon Safe House). This is also the case with e.g. the Swamp Boats. You many get lucky and find an unguarded vehicle though.
  • The vehicle can get stuck between rocks and other geometry. There is nothing to be done about that, use another vehicle.
  • Be very careful when exiting a vehicle, if driver AI is nearby. You may hear the roaring sound of an engine, a warning, the enemy driver is trying to run you over. Always run/jump for cover when you hear the roaring, or you will be hit by the other vehicle and die instantly.

Tactical use of Assault Trucks?

Guard Posts, as the name implies, are heavily guarded posts placed along the many roads in the game, often at important junctions. Though there are several ways to scout such posts, you might like to try using the MG on the roof of an Assault Truck to your advantage.
Assault Trucks are also valuable to 'shake' those tenacious vehicled enemies (often in Assault Trucks as well), by wiping them off the map with the mounted gun.
Note: The mounted guns on Assault Trucks have unlimited ammunition, but can overheat when fired for longer stretches of time. So firing in controlled bursts, just like with assault rifles, is recommended. Note also that the mounted gun can also 'zoom in', improving precision.

Machete and wooden barriers?

Even though the game tends to be realistic, not very much can actually be destroyed. So the uninitiated player might be dumbfounded when the window or door of a hut is blocked by wooden planks. But a few heartfelt wacks with your Machete will quickly break such barriers.
Note that you can also shoot such wooden planks with your weapons.
Also note, several Diamond Cases can only be accessed after breaking such wooden barriers.

Out-drive enemies?

Differing from other games the driving speed of your enemies is not slower than your own. So out-driving them will often be difficult. In some cases it seems the AI can actually drive more quickly than you (thus the AI is cheating). What to do?
I would recommend driving Assault Trucks as much as possible, since they have a mounted weapon you can use to defend your own vehicle and life. Once you notice a vehicled enemy, emmediately switch to the MG (do *not* exit the vehicle, you might get run over), and fire on the approaching enemy vehicle.
There are a few situations where you can actually out-drive the enemy. If you pass a Guard Post quickly enough, the guards there may mount their own vehicles, but if you put enough distance between them and you they will give up. Some of the AI drivers in cars will actually make bad driving errors, slowing them down. Leaving the current Zone, also seems to 'loose' driver AI.

Map on driver's lap?

You should normally never have a map on your lap while driving, in the real world. But in Far Cry 2 it is possible and quite useful for orientation in the world. E.g. when trying to find the best route to your destination.

Prone & Sniper Scopes?

Differing from the original Far Cry there is no way to lay prone in Far Cry 2, as it turns out this is not really needed either.
Laying prone used to have several quite important advantages, for one it would make the player more difficult to spot and target by the AI. But it also would steady the sniper scope when aiming. In Far Cry 2 the sniper scope is always rock steady though, so you no longer need to crouch to improve aiming precision of sniper rifles.
Note: Later in the game, e.g. at the Airfield in the Southern District, one mercenary there will fire at you with guided rockets using a Carl G Rocket Launcher, very dangerous. Interestingly it is actually possibly to shoot at the relatively slowly propagating rocket with a sniper rifle, destroying the rocket in midair. (Now that is cool!)

Stock up on Weapons & Ammo?

FC2 Loadscreen 33

A Weapon Shop, buy new weapons and upgrades here.

Before you take on the next mission, especially the more difficult main faction missions, try to drop by the next Weapon Shop (Icon Weapon Shop) and stock up on brand new weapons, ammunition, not to forget grenades.
Note: Even the 'new' weapons you pick up at the Armoury will degrade after some time and start to jam. So go to the Armoury, choose the appropriate weapon on the wall, even if it is the same one you already have in hand, to replace the used weapon with one that is 'pristine'.
The better stocked you are, the less likely the chance of running out of ammo in some critical fight against enemy AI.
Tip: This can also be applied to vehicles. It is better to switch to a 'new' vehicle, than keep on repairing the shot-up current one, nostalgic as you may have become of that rust bucket.

Time-limited Missions?

Most missions in the game are *not* time sensitive, you have as much time as you like to complete them. Though there are two exceptions:
  • If your best buddy suggests an alteration of a main mission, and you help him/her, you will need to save the buddy at the end of the main mission. If you take too much time to come to the buddy's aid, he/she might be already dead!
  • When you need more malaria pills (Icon Pills), so-called Underground missions (Icon Underground active) become available. Usually you need to free some Underground cell, delivering passports for medicine. If you take on more than one other mission, after accepting the UG mission, the people at the Underground cell may already have been killed, and you end up without medicine.
Comment: I am still not sure if you can actually die in the game if you go without malaria pills for some time. (AEon)

Buy everything?

It is actually possible to buy almost every 'product' from the Weapon Shops (Icon Weapon Shop), this includes the weapons and all the Upgrades. Provided you do all the missions, assassinations and go out into the world and find all the Diamond Cases.
Comment: I ended up collecting 985 Icon Diamond Currency, and as far as I can tell did and collected everything.

Places & Missions

Is there a Map Overview?

Yes there is. Painstakingly, I created a detailed world map image for the complete Far Cry 2 world, with all significant locations marked, see Maps.
Preview of map images:
All locations have been marked in two maps, covering the Northern and Southern District, this includes a Legend, and the game's logo.
FC2 Map ND Full Preview 1024x

1024x pixel preview of the full map: Leboa-Sako the Northern District.

FC2 Map SD Full Preview 1024x

1024x pixel preview of the full map: Bowa Seko the Southern District.

Waiting for new Missions?

Should you choose to play all the personal buddy missions in a row, it may be a bit annoying having to wait for the other buddies to decide they would like your help. Note playing these missions first is a good tactic, since the main missions may advance the story to a point where the side missions are no longer available.
Anyway, these buddy missions all begin at Mike's or the Marina bar (Icon Mike Place active). After completing a mission you return to the buddy and tell him or her about it. You know the current buddy and the other ones at the bar have more missions for you (two per buddy), but as long as you stay there they will be silent. What to do?
Tip: Leave e.g. Mike's bar with a vehicle, and open the map, as soon as you leave the area of the bar — Detail map turns to Zone map — stop the vehicle and turn back, after about 8 seconds the bar icon Icon Mike Place will turn into the 'mission' icon Icon Mike Place active. Now you can return to the bar and take on the next buddy mission.

Scouting Guard Posts?

There are many so-called Guard Posts (Icon Guard Post locked) spread out over the world of Far Cry 2, scouting them will 'unlock' their goodies on your maps. Well technically you know what you can pick up there: Ammo (Icon Ammo Pile), Explosive (Icon Explosive Pile) or Fuel Piles (Icon Fuel Pile) or Health Stations (Icon Health).
You scout a Guard Post by 'bumping' into (get near) one of the four mentioned piles/stations. Note these can be difficult to locate, if you happen to have blown up the piles, so look around.
But alas, once scouted Guard Posts do not stay 'liberated'. A new set of guards will repopulate the post after a short while (i.e. when you leave the current Zone, and then return). This has the advantage that the piles/stations are also restocked.
These posts should thus never be underestimated, especially if you are trying to drive past them to some target location. Precise driving can help get past the Guard Post quickly, but this can fail. So it is always a good idea to save the game before you get near any guarded areas marked on your map.

Extra weapons in Safe Houses?

Especially at the beginning of the game the player will only have a very limited arsenal of weapons that can be bought at the Weapon Shops (Icon Weapon Shop). For this reason some weapons enemies drop can be quite interesting. Another source of more powerful weapons are several Safe Houses (Icon Safe House). So be sure to unlock every Safe House and also look about the dusty room.

Missions easily missed?

Some of the buddy-related missions can be missed. Obviously if you do not find the additional buddies, you can not do missions for them.
  • During the game you will encounter several Buddies. After the Tutorial you will already be aware of three such buddies. Interestingly they also provide (unpaid for) personal missions. Two of them per buddy. Since the second-best buddy is usually out at the Safe Houses, waiting to rescue the player. This buddy will only show up towards the end of Act 1, so be sure to check up on Mike's bar, to not miss the second-best buddy's missions.
  • At the end of Act 2, the same can happen again with the then current second-best buddy, so keep the above in mind.
  • Note that you can encounter / free up to six buddies in the first Act. But at Mike's bar only 4 of them will show up, so you will need to replay the game, with a different buddy order to play all the personal buddy missions.
  • Also note that your Avatar *is* one of the buddies, so you will miss his specific missions as well. Solution: Simply replay game a second time, choosing another Avatar.
  • Your best buddy suggests alterations to the main faction missions. No matter who the buddy is though, these alternate paths are always the same, much like the main missions that do not change. It is up to the player to do these alternate missions, though they are usually quite interesting to do. Supposedly the main missions are easier to solve if you follow the buddies suggestions, not really actually.
  • All the main missions are pretty straight forward, you have to do them all to progress the story. Their order may change but the missions stay the same.

Quick navigation in the World?

Getting around the large world of Far Cry 2 can be quite time consuming. Luckily there are a few ways to speed up your passage from one mission location to the next.
FC2 Loadscreen 09

A trip by Swamp Boat can save much time in the more watery Southern District.

  • Most importantly make use of the many vehicles in the game, these are much faster than the player's sprinting speed.
  • Land vehicles are not always the fastest option to get from one part of the map to the other. Be sure to check the Zone maps for waterway paths. E.g. it is often much quicker to use a Swamp Boat to get to and from Mike's bar.
  • Interestingly the player's swimming speed is relatively high, so that swimming across a river can be much faster than trying to take the long way around on land (even by vehicle).
  • In theory using a paraglider, thus flying, should be the fastest way around the world, but since the distance you can cover flying is very limited (a few hundred metres at the most), the gliders are rare, and quite slow... it is not a very practical means of transport (fun as it may be).
  • To almost instantly travel from one part of the map to the other, use the Bus Stations (Icon Bus). In each District five such bus stops are placed in the NE, NW, SE, SW and central Zones.

What different Endings are there?

There are only two endings, and the choice given to the player is presented at the very end of the game. All your previous mission choices, few as they were, are irrelevant for the ending.
Spoiler: Once you meet up with the Jackal for the last time, he explains that two things need to be done. Use the battery to manually ignite a stack of dynamite, to block the narrow canyon path with rocks, stopping the mercenaries from following the fleeing refugees. Or pick up a diamond case, and pay off the border guards to let the refugees flee their war-torn country. In the first case you bow yourself up, in the latter you are supposed to shoot yourself after crossing the border, since the player much like the Jackal are part of the 'disease' (the problem). In both cases the canyon blows up and you hear a shot, while the camera zooms out in a cut-scene. Interestingly the body of the Jackal was never found, but it is pretty safe to assume that the player is dead. (Ain't that uplifting?)

Gameplay Alternatives?

Gameplay alternatives are central to improve a game's replay value. Even though the number of choices in Far Cry 2 may seem to be large, most of them do not change the outcome of the game much or at all. Note this is quite typical for *all* first person shooter games, so this is not a critique.
  • The main faction missions (Icon APR active, Icon UFLL active) can be played as planned by the APR and UFLL, or you could listen to your best buddy's suggested alterations. Note that the main missions are relatively trivial, so you might as well do the buddy alternatives to get more out of the game. Ignoring the suggestions normally only very slightly changes the main mission. E.g. in one case you have to take out a moving target, in the other your target is stationary but in a guarded camp.
  • You can freely choose what faction you what to support in the main missions, from time to time, but this only changes the order the missions are played. In every case you will always have to play all of them. It is not possible e.g. to *only* support the APR.
  • The personal missions Icon Mike Place active for your buddies (two per buddy) are always the same for that particular buddy, but you may not meet all buddies to play their missions, for some of them will not show up at one of the bars. And you will miss the missions of your Avatar (also one of the potential buddies). So you will need to play the game at least twice.
  • At the end of Act 1 you must choose to either help your buddies defend Mike's bar, or help the priest of Pala and a few innocents. In either case you try to hold out against ever stronger opposition, only to almost die, and then fall off a truck somewhere in the desert.
  • It is up to the player to take on the 'convoy missions' the local Weapon Shop owners suggest (Icon Weapon Shop active). This is recommended, to be able to buy better weapons. Note that it does not matter for which Weapon Shop (Icon Weapon Shop) you do the 'convoy missions', they are always the same, and are performed in the same order. (Only where you have to take out the convoy is randomised.)
  • Apart from the above missions you can also 'hack' Cellular Antennas (Icon Cell Tower active) to receive well payed for assassination missions. Again the cellular antenna you choose does not matter, and the missions are also always the same.
Bottom line... except for four personal buddy missions (2 for each of the two buddies you can not play), you will can experience all mission in one game run, alas.
Note: Only one mission can be played at a given time, if you take on another one the previous unfinished mission will be cancelled (even become unavailable, IIRC). The only missions that can be done in parallel are those for the Underground Icon Underground active, that revolve around acquiring malaria pills (Icon Pills).

Breaks in the game?

There are several cuts in the game, that restrict the movement in the game:
  • Until you begin with Act 2, the Southern District can not be accessed. You first need to play through all main faction missions in the Northern District.
  • Everything east of the Prison in the Southern District can only be accessed towards the very end of the game.
  • Once you have met up with the Jackal at the Prison, heading east, at some point the game will warn you that there is no way back.
Tip: After you enter the Southern District, it is still possible to enter the Northern District again, if you wish, via connecting desert Zone road.
Some of the side missions, e.g. buddy missions (in the Northern District) become unavailable, i.e. when you enter Act 2 of the game. Obviously, since the buddies have gone missing, or as the game puts it, have been "abandoned".
Tip: If you want to play as much of the game as possible. Do the side missions first, before you start taking on too many main faction missions. This has another advantage: As long as you do not play the main missions, your malaria pills will last, only after playing several main missions do your pills suddenly run out, forcing you to take on Underground missions (Icon Underground active).

Curiosities & Speculations

Favourite in-game Quotations?

Some of your buddies and the other characters in the game are quite cynical, so a few amusing quotations should be available:
  • xxx — xxx
***Not sure there was anything really memorable.

Speculations and Musings?

Here a few game related speculations:
In the outro messages at the end of the game it is mentioned that the Jackal's body was never found. So in theory he may still be alive. Depending on the ending you choose, e.g. if you chose the diamond case, the Jackal would have to use the battery to manually blow up the dynamite, this should not have left much to find after the explosion. If you chose the battery, the Jackal could have walked off after liberating the refugees, even though you do hear a weapon shot in the closing cut-scene.
FC2 Loadscreen 84

The Ranger Station in the Southern District, well guarded.

  • What is up with all the respawning Items?
In a world apparently so starved for resources, how come all the weapon piles will endlessly replenish after some time. And who put back the Paragliders and vehicles, etc.? One might argue the returned guards (that came out of thin air) also brought these items. It is still strange though, in such an otherwise realistic game world.
  • Where are all the 'other' humans?
It is strange that the only humans you encounter in the game world (outside of buildings) are mercenaries set on killing you. There are no civilians 'out there'. And the few civilians you do encounter are far too few to be plausible. And where did all the women and children end up?
  • No female mercenaries?
Well three of your potential Buddies are female, and they seem to be something like mercenaries, but among the enemies there are no females. Did the developers not want to make the game *that* gruesome?
  • What is up with the full Moon?
Apparently your average gamer will not recognize the Moon, unless it is a full moon. Thus the game always shows a full Moon at night, quite surreal. Or maybe the game needed a plausible light source at night, to avoid complete and utter darkness.
Just some musings... I did love the game, even though it is quite violent.


Some noteworthy things in the game:
  • When you are occupied with something else and choose not to respond to a phone call, the call will be recorded. On the cell phone you will be able to read that you have a voice message. Interestingly the game's AI takes no notice of your phone calls, e.g. when in a faction HQ. Should those faction leaders not find it disconcerting that the player just took on a mission and gets a call from his best buddy emmediately thereafter?
  • There is at least one curious object placement in the game: A huge tree in the middle of a railroad track in the jungle.


Bugs & Workarounds?

FC2 Loadscreen 64

The Scrap Salvage in the Northern District. Burning tires add a nice touch of civilisation.

Presently (10/11/2010) with the PC version of the Far Cry 2 FPS / exploration game patched to v1.03, the number of bugs are quite few. But heed to the following tips anyway to avoid possible frustration:
  • With the PC version you can save the game, even during combat, at *any* time you like. Use the F5-key for this extensively. Note that this so-called Quicksave is actually a *full* save, and does not overwrite a previous game state. In other words you are creating more and more new save states on your C:-drive.
  • When playing the game with DirectX 10 under Win7 on a 64bit system (ATi 5800 HD), the game will crash every 70-80 minutes. An issue also present in the game DiRT 2. This makes regular, manual, Quicksaves mandatory! The only way to fix this is to use the DX9 render path instead via Options menu, Display, Basic Options, DirectX Version, 9.
  • The game has problems with collision detection concerning the player model and various switches, doors, and diamond cases etc. If the player is too close to the 'switch', the interaction icon Icon Interact will not show. You have to move off a bit, and try again. This can be very disconcerting when trying to board a ship, desperately trying to board it.
  • There are several icons for Guard Posts, but also a Bus Station icon that show issues concerning z-fighting with diamond icons (Icon Diamond). The diamond marker is covered by the other icon, making is very difficult to keep proper 'recovered diamond' counts.
FC2 Loadscreen 71

Center of the Scrap Salvage yard. Anything containing metal is dumped here.

  • Detail maps never show the location of discovered Diamond Cases, e.g. in Pala.
  • Possibly intended as a form of penalty, but still annoying: When the player is rescued by his best buddy, the buddy will give him/her a pistol, this replaces the often much better Secondary Weapon the player had pre-near-death. As it turns out you have to return to where you almost died to find your actual weapon.
  • If you used Space instead of E to enter exit vehicles, and also use Space to use mounted weapons, exiting the weapon e.g. on an Assault Truck will still require pressing the E-key.
  • Sometimes, rarely, the collision model for a building may not properly work. E.g. the building you visit first in Sefapane when working with the UFLL (beginning of Act 2), does not let you climb up the stair onto the roof, you drop through the ceiling instead. In another game run it worked.
  • Pity that in driver view, i.e. driving a jeep, the player's feet are not animated as well, when hitting the gas or brake.
  • Even though the mouse sensitivity of the sniper scope is OK, the mouse sensitivity of the map-related monocle (tag targets) is way too high.

Saving tips?

As fate will have it, the PC version of Far Cry 2 lets you save the game at any time (even during fights with enemies or cut-scenes). The beautiful scenery of the game will often lull the player into a false safety, but since the game does *not* autosave, you might loose a lot of playtime if you happen to die. Yes, your second-best buddy may be able to save you, but do not count on it.
Any steep drop, paraglider crash, jammed weapon when attacked, or tenacious vehicled AI, can quickly end the players life. Additionally, playing with DirectX 10 graphics will make the game crash every 70 or so minutes. So it is in your very best interest to save the game on a regular basis. Some pointers:
  • Every time something significant changes in the world save your game:
    • unlocked Safe Houses
    • scouted Guard Posts
    • Whenever you picked up a Diamond Case or Jackal Tape.
    • Before and after every mission you take on.
    • Before passing a Guard Post or attacking some militia camp.
    • After purchasing new weapons / leave the armoury.
It will spare you a lot of grief, if you only loose 5 to 10 minutes instead of hours. Plus give you many fall-back options for previous game states, letting you test various alternate paths in the game. The more save states you have the less annoying, a possibly corrupted save file will be.

Load Menu is Slow Listing Saves?

Alas the so-called quicksaves in Far Cry 2 are actually full saves, meaning every time you quicksave (F5-key) a new file is created, and the file is not over-written! This can bloat your C:\ drive. At the end of the game I had 1529 files in the folder:
C:\Users\<Username>\Documents\My Games\Far Cry 2\Saved Games\ (Windows 7, 64 bit)
With a total file size of 7.59 GB!
What makes things worse: This many files will lead to painfully long load times when selecting Load Game in the game's menu.
Solution: Create a new folder on another drive or partition, e.g.
then use the Explorer (or some other file browser) to move out all the files with older dates, keeping the last 10 or so saved game states. This significantly speeds up the Load Game menu. Should you need older save states, simply move back the older files.


I am aware this is way too late 'in the game' to ever become a reality, but here my personal wishlist for things that would make the game better:
FC2 Loadscreen 25

The animals in Far Cry 2, here zebras, are all quite peaceful.

  • For a game as realitic as Far Cry 2 it is strange that the player can not holster his weapon. This would then actually allow for clean screenshots. Alas there is no cheat, or console command to let you do this.
  • I can understand that adding rear-view mirrors in some of the vehicles could really kill the frame rate, but it would have helped to check if you are being followed or not. Yes, you can turn around and look back, but that is less conductive to staying on the road.
  • More stats on the Game Stats page would have been nice:
    • Number of Paragliders discovered (of total).
    • Number of Guard Posts scouted (of total). The game shows that info when you scout a post, but you can not look up the information.
    • Total number of kills (bit tacky, I know).
    • Number of headshots.
    • Number of Diamond Cases found, again the info is shown while playing but can not be looked up.
    • Total distance flown (with paragliders).
    • Longest jump.
    • Longest fall (from a bridge into water could be survivable).
  • If you have the map in hand before you enter a vehicle, it might have been nice (convenient) if the game took out the map automatically once you are sitting at the steering wheel.

Cheats? In-game Console?

Alas there is no in-game console, so on-the-fly "cheating" or a change of advanced settings is not possible.
Warning: Apparently some of the codes, like unlocking all weapons can not be undone, i.e. you save the unlocked sate from then on. Caution is thus advised. I recommend trying out the cheats in a new game run, to avoid meddling with an "uncheated" game.
There are a few command line parameters that let you cheat though. Add one or more of these parameters to the properties of the game icon on the desktop:
  • -GameProfile_SkipIntroMovies 1 — Skips the intro movies.
  • -GameProfile_GodMode 1 — Invulnerability or god mode. Only use this after the Tutorial.
  • -GameProfile_UnlimitedAmmo 1 — All your weapons have unlimited ammunition. Only use this after the Tutorial.
  • -GameProfile_UnlimitedReliability 1 — Your weapons stay reliable, and will never rust or jam.
  • -GameProfile_AllWeaponsUnlock 1 — Unlock all weapons available in the current District.
Note: The Tutorial is sensitive to certain cheats, here the god mode and the unlimited ammo. You will become stuck. So only run the game with these two parameters *after* you have finished the tutorial.
Example shortcut call:
"D:\Games\Far Cry 2\bin\FarCry2.exe" -GameProfile_SkipIntroMovies 1 -GameProfile_GodMode 1
And there are a few Bonus Codes, letting you access an additional mission and an alternate skin for your Machete. These do not work very well, though. See the Unlocking Additional Content? Q&A for details.

Clean HUD-free Screenshots?

There is no way to completely turn off the HUD (Heads Up Display) to take clean screenshots in the game.
Well, actually, the graphics in the HUD disappear after a few seconds, but that still leaves the player's currently held weapon model in view. And that can not be turned off for completely clean screenshots, alas.
There are quite a few situations were you actually can take clean screenshots though, here some tips:
How to get clean Screenshots?
  • In all in-game cut-scenes (well almost all of them) the HUD is completely turned off. E.g. in the dialogues with the Jackal.
  • When you enter a building with a guard telling you to temporarily hand over your weapons, the HUD will be weapon model free. E.g. in all the faction mission HQs, and also when you visit the Underground HQ and cells. This is also the case in all Safe Houses.
  • There is an interesting bug when exiting some of the guarded buildings, e.g. the APR HQ (Icon APR active) in the Southern District. When exiting, the game 'forgets' to unholster your last weapon or map, thus you can walk the whole world without any weapon model obscuring the view. Note: Once you turn on the hand-held map, or explicitly switch to a weapon, or enter a vehicle, the weapon/map model is back.
  • When you take a call, the cell phone will not be in view, thus, you will have a clean model-free screen while on the phone.
  • In theory any vehicle you drive will remove the weapon/map models, but then the vehicle is in the way, obviously.
  • When the player time-skips by sleeping in a Safe House, the accelerated time (e.g. rise of the sun) is shown outside the hut. Clean images as well.

How to take Screenshots?

FC2 Loadscreen 26

Main entrance to the Fort in the Northern District. Watch out for snipers!

For optimum quality, .bmp bitmap images are the way to go. Though this comes with a file size price of about 5 MB per image for screens running at a 1680x1050 pixel resolution.
To take screenshots plus get a framerate counter as a bonus use the Fraps screen-grabber tool (Google for it, free version available). It takes screenshots instantly (no noticeable lag) in .bmp format. Note the tool lets you bind any key to grab screens. I use the <-key to the right of the left Shift-key on a German keyboard, very convenient.

Downloadable Content?

There is one DLC pack, adding new weapons and a few multiplayer maps, you will need to pay for it though:
Single player additional content:
  • Three new weapons: Silenced shotgun, Sawed-off shotgun, and Crossbow.
  • Two new vehicles: Unimog, and Quad.
Multiplayer additional content:
  • Additional weapons.
  • Four new maps: Cheap Labor, Last Resort, Lake Smear, and Fort Fury.
Comment: Personally, I bought the price-reduced normal PC retail version and manually patched it. The DLC content is not really enticing enough to purchase, if you do not play multiplayer. I am no fan of the 'messy' shotguns to begin with and the new vehicles may look nice, but do not add to the game experience, as far as I can tell. Now the crossbow could be interesting, when playing stealth missions. (AEon)

Return to Desktop?

The usual Alt+Tab does not properly work for Far Cry 2, you have a better chance with Alt+Enter, to go into window mode, and then use Alt+Tab to access any tools on the desktop. To return the game from window mode to fullscreen mode, use Alt+Enter again.
Note: The game does not take well to window mode, and frequently crashes.


If you are playing the game on a widescreen monitor (e.g. at 1680x1050 resolution), be sure to set Options menu, Display, Widescreen, or else the left and right edges of the screen will show a weird fish-eye effect.

Unlocking Additional Content?

Far Cry 2 comes with some additional content that has to be unlocked via main menu. Apparently this bonus content was intended for promotional purposes, but is still fully functional. Alas, unlocking the content is less trivial as one might like it to be.
The Unlocked Content:
  • Supposely one of the codes changes the skin of the player's Machete. I did not notice this, probably quite subtle.
  • One lengthy Predecessor Mission (7 submissions) that leads the player on a wild goose chase for Predecessor Tapes. The tapes are from someone, who had been sent to hunt down the Jackal before the player was tasked with the same job.
    • You get a phone call in Pala in the Northern District, informing you of those tapes.
    • A Bonus Mission icon Icon Partner Mission will appear in the south-east Zone. Collect the letter and track down four tapes.
    • After collecting each tape return to Pala briefly (may not always be necessary).
    • Once you reach the Southern District, you will get another call in Mosate Selao.
    • Collect the letters from the Post Office (Icon Partner Mission) this time, and track down another four tapes.
    • After collecting each tape return to Mosate Selao briefly (may not always be necessary).
    • When you have collected all eight tapes, return to Mosate Selao for a final phone call. Sending you to the location of the Predecessor.
Warning: Activating the additional content may have side effects and break your game. I would recommend you try this when you start a new game run, though you can also activate the codes in your current game.
Method 1 — Enter Codes:
  • Start the game, in the Main Menu, select Additional Content, then Promotional Content and enter the proper password.
  • When this works the game will inform you of the success, otherwise you will see a Invalid password dialogue.
  • The passwords:
    • THaCupR4 — Unlock secret missions.
    • tar3QuzU — Unlock secret missions.
    • sa7eSUPR — Unlocks extras for the game.
    • SpujeN7x — Unlocks more exclusive missions.
    • (6aPHuswe — Six bonus missions will be unlocked.
    • zUmU6Rup — Unlock exclusive bonus missions.
    • 2Eprunef — Unlock secret missions.
    • Cr34ufrE — Unlocks 6 bonus missions.
    • tr99pUkA — Unlocks 6 extra missions.
    • JeM8SpaW — Unlocks extras for the game.
    • 96CesuHu — Unlocks exclusive missions.
    • 2Tuw5esw) — Unlocks exclusive missions.
  • Only the first four passwords worked for me, but they never properly unlocked the additional Predecessor Mission, or the new Skin for the Machete. I am only listing the codes for completeness.
Warning: If you have no experience with registry editing do not try the below methods. The tips below are provided as they are, use them at your own risk!
Method 2 — Change Registry:
  • This method is literally a hack, since you have to edit the Windows registry to make it work.
  • If you copy/paste the text box entries below into a plain text file, e.g. name fc2_ac.reg and then double-click the file, the registry will automatically be updated to unlock the content. This is under Windows 7 Pro (64-bit) only!
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ubisoft\Far Cry 2]
Method 3 — Change Registry Manually:
  • For those that want to manually edit the registry, try this:
  • Under Windows 7, click on Start menu, Run... and enter regedit (and hit OK), to launch the Windows Registry Editor.
  • Locate the entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Ubisoft\Far Cry 2.
  • Then manually add three DWORD (32-bit) Value entries via right-click with the names PartnerKey1, PartnerKey2, and MachetesKey. And set (double-click the entry) these to the Hexadecimal value of 1.
  • I used method 3, that also should work under Windows XP.


Far Cry 2 uses a few terms, and the FAQ needs to refer to them at times. To make the Q&A easier to read, here are all the commonly used abbreviations explained:
  • Far Cry 2 — In the context of this FAQ it relates to the PC version of the game, patched to v1.03.
  • AI — The "Artificial Intelligence", your heavily armed and gun-happy opponents in the singler player game, controlled by the computer.
  • DLC — DownLoadable Content: Additional content provided by the developers that expands the game, e.g. adding new items or even missions. You normally have to pay for this new content.
  • HQ — Head Quarters, where you meat up with the factions and the Underground.
  • HUD — The "Heads Up Display" presents all the info on-screen.
  • Q&A — Question & Answer (the meat of any FAQ).


  • Feedback welcome!
  • If you have additional info on a certain Q&A, please post it on the talk page.
  • Any other improvement suggestions welcome.


FC2 Loadscreen 41

Rock steps in Dogon Village in the Southern District.

The FAQ is based on my (Æon) playing Far Cry 2, plus reading up on a few tips found elsewhere.
Special thanks go to Game widow on the The Witcher Wiki for support, feedback, and getting the Far Cry 2 wiki shipshape.


  • v2.00 — 1st public version, 50 Q&As total. (10/14/2010)
  • v1.00 — Put together the basic Q&As and tips, linking them to the wiki, FAQ uses British English. (10/11/2010)
  • v0.10 — Using my FUEL wiki FAQ layout, and content structure, for this FAQ. (10/11/2010)


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